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Car headlight suppliers share the precautions for replacing the headlights

Published by admin April 09,2022

The use of cars is becoming more and more popular. When the car is used for several years, the driver of the car may feel that the headlights are not very clear. At this time, the headlights need to be replaced. We have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of different car headlights. In addition to paying attention to these, car headlight suppliers share some other things to pay attention to based on years of experience.


Car headlight suppliers


1, do not install ballast next to the heating element, it can generally be installed in the bumper above, can help dissipate heat.
2. Do not install the ballast next to some wires. Do not install it near a water source; for example, near a water tank. (Excessive moisture can cause leakage and aging stabilizer)
3, placed in a well-ventilated position, so that the air flow to reduce the temperature of the ballast. After installation, the relays and fuses on the line set are generally exposed for easy replacement.
4. The high-voltage line of the ballast is not easy to be entangled, so as to avoid excessive magnetic field and affect other electrical equipment of the car. The ballast wiring is installed down.
5. When installing, the special line group wiring is generally tight and beautiful. Do not connect with the heating element to avoid the short circuit of the wire caused by excessive temperature. Tie with a cable tie and do not touch the mechanically moving parts, causing unnecessary contact.
6. Each interface and fuse should be bundled with electrical tape to avoid loose contact and poor contact.
7. When the lamp is installed, one side will not light up, or it will flash. Generally, the negative pole of the dedicated line group is adjusted first.


Car headlight suppliers


8. Install the X4 model Xenon lamp. If it is not bright when it is on, it will not be bright, and it will flash continuously. First check whether the positive and negative poles of the H4 wiring are matched. Generally, there are two kinds of ++- and --+. If it matches well, it will return to normal.
9. Sometimes when the frame is a positive car, the ballast should be wrapped in the ballast, and the ballast will work.
10. After installation, if the special line is not installed, in order to avoid the excessive current during starting, the original car fuse will be blown, and the original car control fuse should be replaced by 20 times or more.


It can be seen from the above that replacing the headlights of the car is not a particularly simple matter. If you do not notice some details, it may affect the service life of the car headlights and even endanger the car driver. If you need to find a car headlight supplier, please contact us.