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Tesla LED lamp module supply, ATR ready for the first mass production delivery

Published by admin April 09,2022

According to ATR official WeChat official number yesterday (13), the company is sprinting to prepare for the first mass production and delivery of Tesla Model 3 front fog lamp LED module products.


As a platform sharing product, this product will be applied to Tesla Model Y in the future, and achieve mass production and large-scale sales.

It is reported that ATR was appointed by the Tesla Model 3 front fog lamp LED module project in October 2020.In the past 4 months, the ATR R&D team has completed the pre-project work of product development, process planning, production line installation and raw material preparation on schedule.

According to ATR, in 2020,ATR will not only continue to obtain new project designation on traditional car brands such as Geely, Great Wall and Chery, but also further obtain project designation and supporting products on new energy vehicle models such as NIO, Ideal and Xiaopeng.