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All cars with pop up headlights have applied for 11 national patents and CE/RoHS Directive-compliant.

Product Specification:
Product Details

Product Specification

Chip type: BRIGELUX-

Input voltage: 10-60V

Luminous flux: 4000-6000lumens

Color temperature: 6000-6500k

Beam angle: 360°

Operating temperatures: -40-120°

Lifespan: 50000h

Weight:180/g (2pc)

Warranty: 1year        

EMC/CANBUS build-in

Led power:55mil 1860 CHIP (without reflector painting)

SZ8-Y19 CHIP (with reflector painting)

55mil-s 357/6X55mil CHIP (with reflector painting)

Bulb model:H1/H3/H7/H8/H9/H11/9005(HB3)/9006(HB4)/880/881/5202(H16)/H4

  • Machine size : 920*730*420mm
  • Machine color : Dark grey-white,dark grey-red
  • Working area : 400*400mm
  • Engraving thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Cutting thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Engraving speed : 1
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Product Details

Key Specifications/Special Features:


Cars with pop up headlights using new design concept


1. Original cars with pop up headlights identical design: External intelligent driver,  comes with CANBUS and EMC anti electromagnetic interference, use the same plug as the original car plug.


2. Cars with pop up headlights' main material uses the ultra-light magnesium alloy with heat dissipation coefficient 345.0W/MK, the accessory parts all use the import radiant heat material to do the auxiliary heat radiation, the heat efficiency is improved by 15%


3. Cars with pop up headlights and the main body use of superconducting metal plastic with the conductivity 60.0W.MK, so that the heat-transfer of the heat conduction than other products of the heat conduction efficiency of 20%.


4. Cars with pop up headlights features a unique dimmable feature that adjusts light focus and adjusts light effects.


5. Cars with pop up headlights used optical hyperbola software and study hundreds of models on the market make simulation of light type as the same original car light type and to make the light more evenly more clearly than halogen lamps, HID lamps and we make two kinds of car headlights design for the car light with reflective cup (reflective) or with the lenses (projection) This is not the same as the projection effect, it cannot be universal


6. Cars with pop up headlights are also according to the international standard of automobile lamp, we use the anti glare functions in the optical design, better protection for the driver head-on when driving, at the height of the ground 45cm will not cause harm to the other driver Because the lighting project with 45 degrees angle.


7. We use new type cars with pop up headlights the micron level chip, to more uniform, more concentrated light emitting surface, with 380 degrees high temperature sintering process, thus we cars with pop up headlights can bear the brunt of 5 kilograms of pressure and three kilos of side pressure, in 250 degrees of ultra high temperature under normal and low attenuation Not dead lights, no burning lights, cars with pop up headlights substrate using a special coating, to ensure that the temperature of conduction It quickly beyond the traditional COB lamp cannot bear touch and pressure, not resistant high and low temperature cut-off point, easy to burn and easy to damage New cars with pop up headlights with strong brightness more efficient Maximum real brightness can reach 3000 lumens.


8. Cars with pop up headlights driver uses a more stable and intelligent design and the temperature compensation function to ensure that the cars with pop up headlights work property even with 140 degrees the super high temperature, performance stable function switch without delay.


9. Special adjust part and the double card slot design to be more convenient installation and we also have the auxiliary radiator to improve the cars with pop up headlights efficiency for some special models.


10. All cars with pop up headlights have applied for 11 national patents and CE/RoHS Directive-compliant.